Sunday, May 18, 2014

A to Z of Life at IIM Bangalore...

Athicas, Amrit Kalas, Au Bon Pain: The three eating joints which served us when we were hungry or frustrated or elated.

Bidding for hostel blocks & subjects.

ConB: The most difficult and hyped subject at IIMB; Class Participation: The pervasive act of students across all classes to get some more marks.
Green Wall of IIMB
Deadlines: The time of 23:59:59, I am sure nobody in IIMB will ever forget.

EPGP Block: Unanimous meeting place just before the project deadlines become red; Eximius: the entrepreneurship fest of IIMB. The first chance of earning some resume points and make oneself feel good.

Failures: One thing many students learn after he/she gets graduated, is how to handle failures which many of them might not have experienced before coming here.

Group study: The only tactics of survival before mid terms and end terms.

Hostel: Needs no introduction; Hooshing: Painful process of loving the birthday boy/girl in a 'thumping way'.

Internet Speed: You will understand this when a movie finishes downloading within 10 mins.

Jargons: Lots and lots of them, sprinkled across the two years curriculum.

Kotler: Bible for marketing students and subject of derision for others. :P

L^2: The unanimous place for parties, located at the crossing of A, B and E block hostel.

MDC: The place where students laugh and cry at the time of placements; MARS: A retail shop run be students, one stop shop for all immediate needs.

MDC Lawn Entry
Night Canteen: The only thing that gets us going at 1.30 am.

Open Book Exams: :D :P

Placements: The most anticipated event for all the students. Park & Eat: delicious masala maggi, maharaja maggi, chilli maggi, paratha, fried rice and the list keeps going.

Quizzes: You will lose count of them after term II.

RG: The black energy of IIMB that persuades few students inside its clasp and impels them to act in a selfish way to get more grades in a Relative Grading system.

Smart Guy Salon: Yes you heard it right. The administration has made it sure that students get all their needs addressed inside the campus.

T.A.M.S.: The portal to check the attendance of a student. Few students immediately visit the site just after entering the class to check whether they have arrived in time.

Unmaad: The cultural fest of IIMB. The whole campus sheds the worry for deadlines and comes out to enjoy.

Unmaad Dance Team of IIMB
Vista: The business fest of IIMB, one of the last chances for obtaining few resume points before the dreaded summer placements.

Water Tank: The tank, made popular by 3 Idiots (the movie), is the desire every student wishes to fulfill before getting graduated.

Xerox: Lots and lots of them on the eve of open book exams.

Yawning: The only thing that lasts the full 90 mins of a class, be it in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening.

Zzzz…: A very rare thing and sometimes gathers more importance over food.